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encouragement. my wife, juss tin. [applause] tell daniel, my oldest son, the stories my dad used to tell me. my kids daniel and sam a new generation of millband brothers. i know what you're thinking and just to reassure you juss teen and i are profoundly hoping they become doctors. and of course one other big event happened in my life this year. the one the media was most interested in. my nose job. july 27th, they even gave it a name. ed nose day. now, in case you're wondering, let me tell you the doctors tell me the operation was a phenomenal success. i had a deviated septm and it needed repositioning. typical labour leader. as soon as he's elected everything moves to the center. [applause] conference a year ago, i was elected your leader. and i want to thampinge one colleague in particular for her support during that time. for her help, for her advice for her encouragement. and for her commitment to the values of equality and social justice, our great deputy leader hair yeth harman. [applause] conference let's get down to business. this is a dangero
or no? this coalition has worked together to get out of that. to get us out of the greek bailout. a freeze in the european budget. that is what this coalition has achieved. what we have is between the right hon. gentleman and reality. we had the greatest proof of that. i talked to the house about this monday but it is so good i got to do it again. when he was asked if he wanted to join the euro he said it depends how long i am prime minister for. that is the split of the labor party and reality. >> he will be going to the council in december to negotiates on behalf of britain out >> reporter: that may be on the agenda. i ask again. the education secretary said on the radio yesterday morning i think we should take this power over employment law by the deputy prime minister disagreeing won the prime minister's position. it is on the agenda as he was meeting in brussels tonight. we would not be discussing italy. we would not be discussing grease. it would be britain asking for a bailout. we know the hon. gentleman wants to join the euro. the other thing they want to do is believe th
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)